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Ronin: The Last Samurai Mod Apk
Ronin: The Last Samurai Mod Apk

Ronin: The Last Samurai is an ink-and-wash dueling game. The gameplay is the same as most dueling games. Players can defend when the enemy is attacking, and then attack without the opponent. This game is for the player The operation requirements are very high. Players must grasp the timing of offense and defense in order to successfully pass the level. This game requires a lot of enemies to be eliminated in each level. So it is difficult for most players to pass. Now you can download Ronin: The Last Samurai Mod. This mod has a cheat menu. Players can turn on God Mode and One Hit Kill Mode. This way players can easily pass the level.

Graphic The picture style of the game belongs to ink painting.

Gameplay The gameplay is similar to most dueling games, but this game has a person-to-many mode. The game adopts a clearance system. One level requires players to defeat many opponents.

Control The game is relatively simple to operate, but it is difficult to play the game well

Highlights The game's action design is very good, players can use counterattack to defeat the enemy.

Shortcomings It is too difficult to pass level, and many enemies need to be defeated

Difficulty The game is relatively difficult to get started

Ronin: The Last Samurai Mod Apk Özellikler:

Ronin: The Last Samurai şık Ronin: The Last Samurai mod v1.0.267.53547 (menu menu) Özellikler:

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“I'll cut down anyone who stands in my way. Even the great mountain!”Elegantly portrayed in an ink-and-wash painting style, play as the last samurai of a war-ravaged era in which he lost the lord he served. In order to avenge the lord's death, you must level up, unlock new abilities, collect various equipment, and constantly strive to become stronger. Do not forget: The path of revenge is very perilous and painful, and when you die, the only way is to start from the beginning. Only a true samurai who understands the way of the sword by cutting down countless enemies will survive to the end and finally leave his name in history!Caution! Ronin: The Last Samurai is free to download and play, but some in-game items can be purchased with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please block in-app purchases in device settings. Additionally, in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 15 years old to play the game and an internet connection is required.[Game Features]● Winning a battle is rather simple. Either attack or defend.● By pressing the Block or Attack button, you can parry the enemy's attack or perform a Counter Flash right before the enemy attack lands. Don't forget that life and death depends on this split second decision!● “Concentration”, “Time Distortion”, “Annihilation” - Gain the upper hand in battle by actively utilizing different Skills of each weapon.● Stay headstrong by defeating various kinds of enemies that stand in your way on a beautifully rendered battlefield. If you can't figure out the enemy's pattern, death is inevitable!● Strong enemies that appear in every chapter have a unique combat pattern and should never be underestimated. By defeating strong enemies, you can earn special loot to further upgrade your key abilities.● Unlock new abilities through training, collect and upgrade a variety of equipment to constantly grow stronger.● Pet friends with special abilities will be your only reliable companions in lonely battles.[App Permissions Guide]When playing the game, we request app permissions to provide the following services. If you do not allow mandatory app permissions, you will not be able to play the game.● Mandatory app permissions-Photo/Media/File: Required to store game files and data. Rest assured that we do not access any of your photos and files.● How to deny app permissions-Android 6.0 or higher: Settings> Apps> Select App Permission> App Permissions List> Select Deny app permission.-Android 6.0 or lower: Upgrade the operating system to deny app permissions or delete apps[Customer Support]Please contact us through the Settings> Customer Support button or send an e-mail to the address [email protected][Facebook]https://www.facebook.com/roninDreamotion[Terms of Service]http://dreamotion.us/termsofservice[Privacy Policy]http://dreamotion.us/privacy-policy

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Boyut 184.7MB
versiyon Code 267
Lang af am ar as az be bg bn bs ca cs da de el en-AU en-CA en-GB en-IN en-XC es es-ES es-US et eu fa fi fr fr-CA gl gu hi hr hu hy id in is it iw ja ka kk km kn ko ky lo lt lv mk ml mn mr ms my nb ne nl or pa pl pt pt-BR pt-PT ro ru si sk sl sq sr sr-Latn sv sw ta te th tl tr uk ur uz vi zh-CN zh-HK zh-TW zu
İzin Metni OTHER:
Allows access to the vibrator.
Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.
Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting.
Allows applications to open network sockets.
Allows applications to access information about networks.
Allows an app to create windows using the type TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT, shown on top of all other apps.

Operation Systems

Min Sdk 21
Min Sdk Txt Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)
Hedef SDK 29
Hedef SDK Txt 29
Çok pencere No
Ekranları destekler small, normal, large, xlarge
işlemci armeabi-v7a
Açık Gl Int 0
Herhangi Bir Yoğunluğu Destekler Yes
yoğunlukları 120, 160, 240, 320, 480, 640, 65534, 65535

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Uses Özellikler Screen hardware features:
Uses Not Özellikler Touchscreen hardware features:
The app uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.
The app uses the device's basic two-point multitouch capabilities, such as for pinch gestures, but the app does not need to track touches independently. This is a superset of the android.hardware.touchscreen feature.
The app uses the device's advanced multitouch capabilities for tracking two or more points independently. This feature is a superset of the android.hardware.touchscreen.multitouch feature.


imza 61ED377E85D386A8DFEE6B864BD85B0BFAA5AF81
Sha256 A40DA80A59D170CAA950CF15C18C454D47A39B26989D8B640ECD745BA71BF5DC
Geçerli Fri Feb 29 02:33:46 CET 2008 until: Tue Jul 17 03:33:46 CEST 2035
Seri numarası 936eacbe07f201df


geliştirici Android
OU Android
organizasyon Android
yerel Mountain View
ülke US
şehir California
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  • ülkeler: PH  os: android 10   cihaz: SM-A307GN

    2021-01-22 01:11:48versiyon:

    no mod pffff was dbag

  • ülkeler: GB  os: android 7.1.1   cihaz: MI MAX 2

    2021-01-21 22:29:58versiyon:

    there is no mod in game

  • ülkeler: US  os: android 9   cihaz: ANE-LX1

    2021-01-21 19:00:08versiyon:

    It is a normal game nothing is modded

  • ülkeler: BR  os: android 10   cihaz: SM-A105M

    2021-01-20 02:24:55versiyon:

    #Quick Games# jogo muinto bom da hora ei

  • ülkeler: ES  os: android 6.0.1   cihaz: SM-G532M

    2021-01-18 07:23:52versiyon:

    :/ i dont wath a i am doing

  • ülkeler: US  os: android 9   cihaz: ANE-LX1

    2021-01-17 16:05:27versiyon:

    Same problem as the other one

  • ülkeler: US  os: android 9   cihaz: ANE-LX1

    2021-01-17 15:57:42versiyon:

    Mod works but I can't even compelete the first mission cause it is saying error.

  • ülkeler: TH  os: android 10   cihaz: CPH2127

    2021-01-17 01:14:13versiyon:

    มันเล่นไม่ได้ครับ ขึ้นแบบนี้ตลอดเลย

  • ülkeler: US  os: android 8.1.0   cihaz: CPH1803

    2021-01-15 19:08:16versiyon:

    The game works however if you use the mod and win after, you WILL get an error.

  • ülkeler: AT  os: android 10   cihaz: SM-A505FN

    2021-01-15 12:46:29versiyon:

    error has occured while trying to submit your request, please fix

  • ülkeler: US  os: android 10   cihaz: LM-K500

    2021-01-14 22:43:08versiyon:

    it works but every time i get in battle it says eror

  • ülkeler: ID  os: android 10   cihaz: vivo 1918

    2021-01-14 20:03:38versiyon:

    anjing lah masmask error selalu pas mau ke level selanjut nya

  • ülkeler: GB  os: android 9   cihaz: SM-N950F

    2021-01-14 19:36:00versiyon:

    didn't work at all....

  • ülkeler: ID  os: android 10   cihaz: SM-A105G

    2021-01-14 05:15:29versiyon:

    eror eror eror eror

  • ülkeler: KR  os: android 10   cihaz: SM-F916N

    2021-01-13 10:28:07versiyon:

    the program is not download

  • ülkeler: KR  os: android 10   cihaz: SM-F916N

    2021-01-13 10:24:36versiyon:

    when this mode is activated, an error occurs immediately

  • ülkeler: US  os: android 9   cihaz: A80Pro

    2021-01-13 04:29:32versiyon:

    update thank you very much this is a good game

  • ülkeler: HK  os: android 10   cihaz: SM-G9730

    2021-01-13 02:33:25versiyon:

    It will be perfect if there is no error after using hack to finish a round.

  • ülkeler: GB  os: android 7.0   cihaz: HTC One M9

    2021-01-13 01:55:08versiyon:

    I have played it it's good

  • ülkeler: US  os: android 8.1.0   cihaz: Redmi 5 Plus

    2021-01-12 23:12:58versiyon:

    its working, but when the round end, an error popped.

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