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Clash of Clans Mod Apk 13.180.8 [Unlimited Money](% 100 Çalışıyor, test edildi!)

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Mod Bilgisi:(Modlanan nedir?)

Unlimited Gems/Gold /Elixir
This is a custom apk based on the official game with private server!

Clash of Clans şık APK:

  • - versiyon: 13.180.8
  • - Boyut: 152.09 MB
  • - Fiyat: ücretsiz
  • - Root gerekli: Gerek yok
  • - Uygulama İçi Satın Alma Sunuyor: hayır
  • - Fiyat: ücretsiz

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Clash of Clans Mod Apk 13.180.8 [Unlimited Money]
Clash of Clans Mod Apk 13.180.8 [Unlimited Money]
Clash of Clans Mod Apk 13.180.8 [Unlimited Money]
Clash of Clans Mod Apk 13.180.8 [Unlimited Money]
Clash of Clans Mod Apk 13.180.8 [Unlimited Money]

Commands in COC Mod

You can use commands in global and clan chat. List of all commands:

/clean - reset your account (will keep score and clan)
/full - upgrade all buildings to max level for your town hall
/th (level) - upgrade town hall to specified level (example: /th 12)
/asp - attack your village
/cct - remove all spells and troops
/sethero (name) (level) - upgrade specified hero (king, queen, warden or builder) to specified level (example: /sethero king 40)
/status - show server status (online, used RAM and other)

March 13, 2019.Latest News on COC MOD:ESL Clash of Clans World Championship is coming
Clash of Clans World Championship is scheduled to start this month. The action will reportedly continue for up to six months. It’s been reported that starting off with qualifiers for this month, The ESL Clash of Clans World Championship will be offering a mind-blowing prize of $1 million. This obviously means that the game’s fans should not miss out on such a highly exciting opportunity. The first season of the ESL starts March 18th, and it will feature three phases with open qualifier play. It’s also important to note that the final round will supposedly be broadcasted by ESL as well.

Clash of Clans’ next big update is just a few days away, so Supercell has detailed all the major balance changes players can expect. Goblins, Cannons and Archer Towers get some attention this time around. Clash of Clans Balance Changes Due in the Next Update. Clash of Clans is available now on Android and iOS. No matter how big the changes it is, Get the COC mod with unlimited coins is your best choice, Come on!

Feb 21, 2019. Latest NEWS: COC mod latest version is published:
Unlimited Troops;
Unlimited Coins;
Unlimited Money;
The only worked COC mod in the world. Try it for free! If you want to have a fast download speed, try HappyMod app is a great choice.

Coc Mod Apk 2019 (Features)
Attack with all new units such as Super Pekka, Electro Dragon, Workshop, Battle Blimp, Wall Wrecker (S3) (S4) at the main base also at BH's night base
Instantly build your own village with unlimited resources
Cultivate unique units with multiple levels of improvement.
Maximize your heroes, defenses, buildings with infinite gems
Plan unique attack and attack strategies in multiplayer mode.
Attack the player's mod
Build and maximize the constructor library
City Hall Level 16 (TH 12) includes command chat
Attack the players at the BH base.
Builders' Hall 8 and City Hall 12 are available
Unlimited gems, gold, tinctures and black elixir.
Unlimited army and buildings

Feb 1, 2019. Please note: This is Private server only. If you cannot log in, try more several times

Clash of Clans with unlimited gems, golds, elixirs, dark elixirs on your Android phone is a great thing for coc player. But it is impossible to play unlimited coins with the original Clash of Clans apk, then Clash of Clans mod is coming.

Clash of Clans mod is private server mod. It can be installed without uninstall your original Clash of Clans game. At first time you loading the game, it will take a little longer. When you successfully open the game, you will find a lot of coins, gems and elixirs for free. Then you can use these free resources to buy anything you need in the game.

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Clash of Clans mod mod info:
2000000000 coins
2000000000 gems
2000000000 elixir

Clash of Clans mod features:
Build your own village into an unbeatable fortress using unlimited resources;
Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters with multiple levels of upgrade;
Join a Clan of related players or Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies;
Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls;
Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements.

Installation Guide
To play Clash of Clans Mod Apk without any problem you need to follow the installation guide.
At first, Download Clash of Clans Mod apk from the list.
For first time installation on a new Android phone, you may turn on unknown sources. for this, go to phone settings >> Security >> Privacy >> Unknown Source, tick it and turn it on.
Find and locate the Coc mod apk file on your mobile storage. Tap the file and tap to install button to install the apk on your Android phone.
Make sure your phone is connected to an internet connection. Open the app and enjoy!

Fast Installation Guide
1. Download HappyMod App;
2. Search Coc for Clash of Clans mod apk;
3. Download and install it with one click.

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games on mobile devices. It has over 100 million of download on Google Play Store. This Coc mod version is Clash of Clans private server. HappyMod's apk are verified by millions of users, they pick out the 100% working mod, so this Clash of Clans mod apk is the latest version that can 100% working on most Android devices. Please keep visiting HappyMod or download HappyMod app for more Mod mod latest Apks.

Clash of Clans Mod Apk 13.180.8 [Unlimited Money] Özellikler:

Clash of Clans şık Clash of Clans Hile Mod 13.180.8 Özellikler:

Unlimited Gems/Gold /Elixir This is a custom apk based on the official game with private server!

Klanlar Hile Mod 13.180.8 APK MOD strateji uygulaması / oyun Clash 1587868125.Download yayınlanan ve Boyları Hile Mod 13.180.8 APK dosyası (152,09 MB) Klanlar Hile Mod 13.180.8 Çatışması hayranlarıyla sürümün Clash yüklemek edilir 13,180 olduğu .8. Üzeri 40 kullanıcıları bu mod indirmek var. Onlar bu Mod hakkında 4 5 oranı. Klanlar Hile Mod 13.180.8 APK dosyasının Clash yükleyin. Sen android cihaz sürümü olmalıdır en az Android 4.1,4.1.11 (JELLY_BEAN) .Clash Klanlar Hile Mod 13.180.8 APK 36 kullanıcıların cihazında çok iyi çalışıyor. Klanlar Hile Mod 13.180.8 APK Clash hakkında boyutu MB.You sınırsız para almak için Klanlar Hile Mod 13.180.8 APK Clash indirip kolayca kazanabilirsiniz 152,09 olduğunu

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Boyut 152.1MB
versiyon 13.180.8
versiyon Code 1225
Lang ru
İzin Metni . DİĞER:
açık ağ prizlerine uygulamalara olanak tanır
ağlar hakkında erişim bilgilerine uygulamalara olanak tanır
vibratör erişime izin verir
verir kısılmasını uyku veya ekran işlemciyi tutmaya PowerManager WakeLocks kullanılarak Wi-Fi bağlantısı durumunu değiştirme uygulamaları verir...
.; Kablosuz ağlar hakkında erişim bilgilerine uygulamalara olanak tanır.:

. DEPOLAMA harici depolama için yazma izni verir; harici depolama okumak için bir izin verir.:

Operation Systems

Min Sdk 16
Min Sdk Txt Android 4.1、4.1.11 (JELLY_BEAN)
Hedef SDK 28
Hedef SDK Txt Android 9.0
Çok pencere No
Ekranları destekler normal, büyük, xlarge
işlemci armeabi-v7a x86
Açık Gl Int 0
Herhangi Bir Yoğunluğu Destekler Yes
yoğunlukları 160, 640, 65534

User Özellikler

Uses Özellikler Kablosuz donanım özellikleri:
uygulaması (Wi-Fi) cihazının özelliklerini 802.11 ağ kullanır.
Uses implied Özellikler Uygulamanın kullandığı 802.11 ağ (Wi-Fi) cihazda sunuyor. #:


imza 99092B92B774577049A57BEB85C4420023E6D305
Sha256 7107A093895781D774710E621650D78312C0C58EA3097526F6A5C7130FC5C78F
Geçerli Mon Dec 25 16:38:27 CET 2017 until: Mon Apr 24 17:38:27 CEST 2056
Seri numarası 752abf7e


geliştirici daniillnull
OU Unknown
organizasyon Null's
yerel Bilinmeyen
ülke FI
şehir Bilinmeyen
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  • ülkeler: BR  os: android 6.0.1   cihaz: samsung SM-G532M

    2020-05-28 00:31:04versiyon:13.180.8

    show mas foram poucas moedas

  • ülkeler: US  os: android 7.1.1   cihaz: samsung SM-T555

    2020-05-27 23:13:21versiyon:13.180.8

    poop poop

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    2020-05-27 11:56:11versiyon:13.180.8

    papamoa Lotto

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    2020-05-27 11:44:40versiyon:13.180.8

    gema nya sagat meyenang kan

  • ülkeler: US  os: android 9   cihaz: samsung SM-A107F

    2020-05-27 10:12:16versiyon:13.180.8

    Liked It Working Mod

  • ülkeler: US  os: android 6.0.1   cihaz: vivo vivo 1610

    2020-05-27 06:11:13versiyon:13.180.8

    it's good!

  • ülkeler: RO  os: android 8.1.0   cihaz: ALLVIEW P10_Max

    2020-05-27 05:14:56versiyon:13.180.8

    nu merge sa se instaleze

  • ülkeler: IT  os: android 10   cihaz: HUAWEI STK-LX1

    2020-05-27 03:44:29versiyon:13.180.8

    è bellisimo

  • ülkeler: US  os: android 9   cihaz: samsung SM-J400F

    2020-05-27 03:02:23versiyon:13.180.8

    one of the best game of world

  • ülkeler: PH  os: android 10   cihaz: samsung SM-A507FN

    2020-05-27 01:40:20versiyon:13.180.8

    the app not install

  • ülkeler: PH  os: android 10   cihaz: samsung SM-A107F

    2020-05-27 01:29:24versiyon:13.180.8

    im installed im gonna yeet this whole games career

  • ülkeler: TH  os: android 8.1.0   cihaz: vivo vivo 1820

    2020-05-26 22:04:54versiyon:13.180.8


  • ülkeler: AE  os: android 10   cihaz: samsung SM-A515F

    2020-05-26 19:17:29versiyon:13.180.8

    عبود ابو باب

  • ülkeler: FR  os: android 9   cihaz: samsung SM-A530F

    2020-05-26 15:03:02versiyon:13.180.8


  • ülkeler: RS  os: android 8.1.0   cihaz: HUAWEI DUB-LX1

    2020-05-26 09:52:33versiyon:13.180.8

    hii im gay

  • ülkeler: JO  os: android 7.0   cihaz: LENOVO Lenovo TB-7304I

    2020-05-26 09:11:05versiyon:13.180.8

    It's sooo nice

  • ülkeler: ID  os: android 8.1.0   cihaz: OPPO CPH1901

    2020-05-26 07:52:45versiyon:13.180.8

    The Game is Good And the Cheat Ia work But why my gold ia limited so i must buy the coin with gems please fix it and i Will give 5 stars for this game

  • ülkeler: DE  os: android 10   cihaz: HUAWEI STK-LX1

    2020-05-26 03:21:04versiyon:13.180.8


  • ülkeler: ID  os: android 10   cihaz: HMD Global Nokia 2.2

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    2020-05-26 01:29:06versiyon:13.180.8

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